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'Barbarian' Makes Its Way To Consoles

by Thomas on April 30, 2002 @ 7:50 a.m. PDT

In need of a little barbaric behavior? Well rest easy because Titus Software is preparing to launch Barbarian on the GameCube and the Xbox this summer. Get ready for some serious action as all of your favorite Barbarians hack, slash and pillage their way through your living room. Oh, the carnage... Oh, the mayhem... Oh, the excitement!

Barbarian is not your average fighter, nor is it your average RPG. Barbarian is completely redefining a new genre of gaming. Barbarian is a hybrid title coupling action/adventure, fighting, and role-playing elements. Choose your warrior from the Mighty Dagan, Princess Keela or one of 8 other playable characters. Travel through the world of Barbaria battling against the wrath of Zaugg, as you navigate your way on a majestic journey. Sure there are head to head battles, but that is merely where the game begins. With a rich storyline and detailed quest mode you discover your characters true motives. With multiple story branches, Barbarian offers plenty of depth. While your Barbarian is armed with unique weapons, you will find that there is more than one way to bash an opponent. Not only can you uproot trees and toss coffins at your enemy, but also you can actually pick up the AI thugs and swing them around as a weapon!

If standard weapons aren't your thing, there is always the option of using magic and Rune attacks to hand your foes the beat down. Still looking for more... How about massive levels and arenas spanning several screen lengths wide and offering breakaway zones that lead you to new arenas.

Along your journey you will need to advance your characters unique attributes by collecting and using skill points. By upgrading your character in certain areas like strength, magic, defense and so on, you will become a more seasoned Barbarian, which is absolutely necessary to become victorious.

After upgrading your character you may save to a memory card and play against your friends for some real barbaric action. If playing against one friend isn't enough action for you, try your skill at battling upto 4 human players and 4 computer opponents! That's 8 players doing battle on screen at one time!


  • 10 unique characters with their own massive storyline and quest.
  • Rich navigational storyline with 300 different story branches.
  • RPG upgrade system with experience points.
  • Multiple quest options
  • 10 huge multi-level fighting arenas.
  • Battle upto 4 human opponents and 4 AI thugs at once.
  • Upgradable attack and magic combos.
  • Interactive environment where virtually everything can be used as a weapon.
  • Unlockable bonuses and Easter Eggs.
  • Additional mini-quests with new fighting rules.
  • Sophisticated tutorial.
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