Zanzarah - Features & Screens

by Thomas on April 5, 2002 @ 2:01 p.m. PST

An exciting tale of two worlds…one fantastical, the other the world as we know it today. Once they were joined as one, but they now exist separately without knowledge of their former link to each other. Check out features and screens from this upcoming THQ title below!

Yet there exists a person able to reunite the two worlds: A girl, soon to turn 18, unaware of her power and her significance to both realms.

Take this girl out of the humdrum drudgery of her everyday life and into a fantasy world of magic and battle. Using her ever-growing powers, explore the Fairy Realms, entrapping or befriending the fairies living there. It is these fairies that will fight magical duels for you against the Kobolds, henchmen of the Evil Druid intent on stopping our heroine reuniting the two worlds.


-Rich and fantastical game world
-Unique lead character – a seemingly ordinary 18-year-old girl with tremendous magical powers
-Unique combat system – collect and organise fairies into combat “decks” for use in magic duels
-Unique female lead – no guns, no shorts and no tight tops!
-Lush 3D graphics.
-Non-destructive combat system. All fights are magical “duels”.
-Pokemon-style combat system – collect and customise decks of fairies to fight battles.
-Interactive Non Player Characters (NPCs)
-Low spec game engine (target is PII 400 with Voodoo2)

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