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'Sabotage' Is Now Known As 'SABOTAIN'

by Thomas on April 5, 2002 @ 7:39 p.m. PST

Sabotain "Sabotage" is a genre mix: A First person shooter with 3D action and RPG elements. It is a mission-based adventure packed with interaction between persons and locations. The gamer has to fulfil several missions such as sabotage, espionage, rescue missions, information missions, theft, reconnaissance, assassination and combat. Sabotain includes a role-playing-style character-development system that lets players build their ordinary character into the ultimate assassin.

Only the name has changed but the game itself is just as exciting in its development process as it was before the renaming.

The name Sabotain itself is unique as it is a word creation depicting a person born and trained for survival in an unforgiving futuristic world. A person, male or female, ready for any upcoming challenge, in this mission-oriented adventure revolving around interactions with both people and places, as well as various mission types. These include sabotage, infiltration, rescue, intelligence-gathering, thievery, reconnaissance, assassination and all-out combat.

Unlike the current generation of role-playing and action games, Sabotain: Fist of the Empire takes place in a rich and complex science fiction world, which - together with its non-linear plot - adds depth and clarity to the game.

So, choose your identity and stand up to the test of all tests. Superheros such as Kent Reed as the Commando Sabotain or Alex Keeton, the Assassin Sabotain, try to make their way through the perilous world and as servants of the Empire their only goal is to sabotage the Confederate system.

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