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CDV Announces E3 Line Up

by Thomas on April 9, 2002 @ 4:29 p.m. PDT

CDV Software Entertainment, one of the leading German publishers and distributors of gaming software, today announces its strongest line-up ever for E3, the biggest trade show for interactive entertainment, being held May 22-24, 2002 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. CDV’s stand will include a gaming zone, with playable code, several conference rooms, and will be located in the Kentia hall of the LA Convention Center.

“One thing E3 has shown again and again is that it is an absolute “must attend” show. Under California’s hot sun, the course for the years international trade is set”, says Claudia Rieflin, Events Director, CDV Software Entertainment AG.

For the fifth year in a row the German games publisher is taking part in the leading international trade show. This year the publisher presents in detail eight new titles of various genres. They include:

  • "Sudden Strike 2" for the PC
    The sequel to the highly successful RTS title "Sudden Strike," "Sudden Strike 2" offers more historically accurate World War II battlefields with 50 new units and an additional playable nation-- Japan. "Sudden Strike 2" is scheduled to ship fall 2002. More information about "Sudden Strike 2" is available at the official webpage.
  • "Divine Divinity" for the PC
    A visually stunning fantasy role-playing game, "Divine Divinity" takes an adventure through a sinister land torn apart by corruption and dark magic. Scheduled to ship Q4 2002, "Divine Divinity" offers the best in role-playing games— an immersive storyline, spectacular creatures, and innumerable upgrades of both skills and equipment. Additional information about "Divine Divinity" is available at the offcial webpage.
  • "Neocron" for the PC
    Scheduled to ship in late 2002, "Neocron" is a gritty, cyberpunk MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Populated with mutants, anarchists, and genetically engineered humans, the city of Neocron is a 28th century metropolis that spans from upper class neighborhoods to sultry red-light districts. More information about "Neocron" is available at the official webpage.
  • "Project Nomads" for the PC
    Scheduled to ship Q4 2002, "Project Nomads" is the winner of the "Best PC Game Award" at ECTS 2001. Set in a Jules Verne-esque world of floating islands, the player controls a flying wizard/engineer, building scores of factories, power plants, defense units, and zeppelins in a battle for supremacy. Already lauded by the media for beautiful graphics and innovative gameplay, "Project Nomads" is poised to make a splash this year.
  • "Breed" for the PC
    Featuring vast outdoor environments and a variety of units and vehicles, "Breed" is the next generation in 3D action shooters. Set in a dynamic science fiction backdrop, players must battle the invading alien Breed in space and on Earth's surface. From armored tanks to the battle cruiser USC Darwin, "Breed" offers seamless transition between ground and air missions. "Breed" is scheduled to ship this fall. More information is available at the offcial webpage.
  • "Imperium Galactica III: Genesis" for the PC
    A science fiction real-time strategy title of galactic proportions, "Imperium Galactica III" features spectacular real-time space battles, an armada of spellbinding alien spaceships, and an amazing campaign with six parallel storylines. With more than 100 planets in 20 solar systems, the player can voyage through space for light years. "Imperium Galactica III" is scheduled to ship Q4 2002. More information is available at the official webpage.

Further games on show will include the Sci-Fi RTS Imperium Galactica III, the RTS titles Blitzkrieg and No Man’s Land, the Adventure Role Play Grom, the combat game Vultures and the 3D-Shooter with role play elements Sabotain.

On the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)
In Los Angeles the future course of electronic entertainment is set: 450 exhibitors and more than 62.000 visitors turn the E3, taking place annually, into the largest international game-trade show. The E3 only opens its doors for visitors older than 18 years and for specialists exclusively.

About CDV Software Entertainment
Founded in 1990, CDV Software Entertainment AG is one of the leading publishers and distributors of PC software in Europe. In 2000, the company successfully completed its initial public offering and is traded on the "Neuer Markt" in Germany (equivalent to the USA's NASDAQ index).
Its first three internationally published titles, Sudden Strike, Cossacks: European Wars, and Sudden Strike Forever, were all major blockbusters. In addition to its corporate headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany, the company has offices in London, England and in Los Angeles, CA and Cary, NC in the USA.

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