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Firestorm Powershock GameCube Controller

by Thomas on April 9, 2002 @ 4:34 p.m. PDT

Thrustmaster is thrilled to provide further information about the “must have” accessory it has created for the GameCube, Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console: Firestorm Powershock controller.

This new gamepad is part of a full range of accessories designed specifically for the console (including a racing wheel, LCD monitor and rechargeable battery, memory card, cable sets, plus storage and carrying devices) to be launched on May 3, 2002 – the day of the GameCube’s European release.

“The controller is the first link the gamer has with his console. Thanks to Thrustmaster’s long expertise in the controllers’ field, we are today offering the GameCube gamers an accessory that has been created for an optimised gameplay due to a perfect ergonomic comfort. The Firestorm Powershock will definitely maximize the pleasure they get out of their games and their console” says Michael Flanagan, UK Managing Director.

Firestorm Powershock controller

Designed for innovative and creative gameplay, the Firestorm Powershock controller is loaded with features tailor-made for Nintendo’s latest console: an ergonomic shape perfect for every hand size, two analog mini-sticks for exceptional precision, a built-in motor that brings games to life, 5 digital action buttons and 2 analog triggers with a digital action at the end of travel.

The Firestorm Powershock also incorporates two extra and very useful gaming functions: turbo and clear buttons. Firestorm Powershock controller will be available in the purple and black GameCube colors, and will retail for £14.99 inc.

Starter Kit

Thrustmaster also offers the Starter Kit including the Firestorm Powershock and a 4Mb Memory card. It will retail for £22.99

Founded in 1992, Thrustmaster has acquired a reputation for designing and developing the ultimate in flight and motor-sports simulation accessories. Thanks to its extensive technological and marketing expertise, Thrustmaster is able to provide a complete range of accessories for the PC and console video game markets, and peripheral devices developed with the Xbox™ license.

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