Crusader Kings Announced

by Thomas on April 9, 2002 @ 5:04 p.m. PDT

Strategy First and Paradox Entertainment announced today that they will be releasing Crusader Kings, a strategy game based on the Europa Universalis engine, in Fall 2002.

"With the success of Europa Universalis I and II, we couldn't be happier to be working with Paradox again, this time on Crusader Kings, "says Steve Wall, V.P., Business Development for Strategy First. "Based on the Europa engine, Crusader Kings will maintain the same quality of gameplay and extend the scope of the game even further."

"Crusader Kings adds another piece to the puzzle we started to lay with Europa Universalis. Now the amazing period of templars and dynastic empire-building will be explored with the same depth and detail. We are also pleased that Strategy First has so much confidence in our game line" says Theodore Bergquist, CEO of Paradox Entertainment.

Reenact the crusades, defend against the Mongol onslaught and form feudal nation states in Europe! Achieve victory through diplomacy, resource management and medieval warfare
Crusader Kings focuses on the feudal kingdoms of medieval Europe in the time period of 1066-1419 A.D. The game map begins in Europe stretching to the Urals in the East and including parts of Persia, the Arabian Peninsula, as well as the Coast of North Africa.

Unlike Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings is a simulation of a medieval feudal society, involving laws, commissions and religious influences. Playable nations consist of Christian monarchies, principalities and empires, from which players choose between Knight Templars, Knights of St. John, The Teutonic Order, The Order of Calatrava and The Order of Santiago. With Feudal lords and bishops that rule the various provinces, players must amass as much prestige and wealth as possible to obtain a powerful dynasty. They must defend their territory, by using the evolutionary combat system that simulates the various styles of combat, from the basic rudimentary style to the more advanced techniques of that time period. Contrary to Europa Universalis, honor and power are more important to a player than the expansion of the nation's borders.

To add to the game's longevity, the development team has added another exciting feature that provides players with the ability to save games and convert them into Europa Universalis II. With this feature, players can extend their game into the later centuries by simply exporting their files into their Europa Universalis II game.

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