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Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant Announcement

by Thomas on April 9, 2002 @ 7:09 p.m. PDT

The Hiltons, the Marriotts, Ian Schrager….ever wanted to walk in their shoes or rub shoulders with the rich and famous? Well, now budding hotel tycoons can try their hand at building their own hotel empire in JoWooD’s new PC simulation game, Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant. In this game where brainpower, common sense, and some design skills converge, players will get to build, design, observe, and manage all aspects of a hotel, or hotel chain. Read more below for announcement and click here for our recent posted screens and facts.

Just like in life, decisions are what count in Maximum Capacity and can make or break any wannabe hotelier. Starting only with a dream and some pocket change, players will need to BUILD the hotel of their dreams in one (or all) of 20 hotel styles in 15 fascinating cities from around the world. The first decision is the most crucial -- scoring the most advantageous property location. A large city, an isolated beach or both? Next, decide whether to renovate an old dilapidated house, or begin from scratch. Either way, from these meager beginnings, players can build up to 20 different hotel complexes, which can range from romantic get-away hotels to Wild West hunting lodges to high-tech hotels with casinos.

During the game, the comfort of the players’ hotel guests should be their primary concern, so their hotel DESIGN matters! Create the perfect décor, starting with the lobby, bar and restaurant, and continue to the pool and fitness area. Players will have complete control over the layout, design and furnishings of everything, including the guestrooms and suites. They can try their hand at designing beautiful floors, walls, ceilings, fittings and furnishings.

Ultimately, a player’s success is based on the happiness of their guests. Consequently, they will need to OBSERVE their guests carefully over the course of their stay to ensure their hotel meets their customers’ needs. Witness a budding romance, see new business deals being born, watch the action in the bar. If customers aren’t happy, the player might want to invest in staff training or sales promotions to increase the level of guest satisfaction.

Once the player’s empire is built, whether that is an empire of one or of many, they will need to MANAGE their success. Personalized advertising campaigns across TV, newspapers, radio and magazines may need to be created in order to grow and expand. Maintaining the quality and happiness of hotel staff can also help to ensure top service to a players’ residents. Only by achieving strong profits will a player have the opportunity to turn their hotel company into a successful global chain. And profits can only be obtained through an excellent reputation and repeat business.

Thankfully, no promising hotelier has to go it alone. They can share their dream with others through JoWooD’s Website Creator Tool. This Tool provides players with the opportunity to take screenshots of their hotel and share their skills and designs with others.

So, go ahead, try becoming the next hotel magnate with Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant, which will be available in North America in late June 2002.

Features for Maximum Capacity: Hotel Giant include:

Over 20 different types of hotel from which to choose to assist the player in building a unique hotel to suit the needs of their guests

Choice of over 15 vastly different international cities such as Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Paris and Las Vegas so the player can conquer the world with a hugely successful hotel chain

Use more than 600 moveable pieces of interior to build the ultimate in dream hotels

The website creator tool provides the opportunity to take shots of the hotel and share expertise and skills with others

System Requirements

Windows® 95/98/ME/XP

Pentium® II 350 MHz or higher

128 MB RAM

700 MB free hard disc space

CD-ROM drive 4x speed

16MB 3D video card

Win-compatible sound card

DirectX® 8.0a

Keyboard, Mouse

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