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'Pac-Man World 2' (PS2) - Game Overview

by Thomas on May 1, 2002 @ 7:23 p.m. PDT

Deep in the heart of Pac-Land lies the small, hidden village of the Pac-People. In the center of the village grows an ancient tree with five Golden Fruit. Legend has it that as long as the Golden Fruit remain undisturbed, Pac-Land will be bountiful and everyone, even the littlest Pac, will be happy.

Pac-Man World 2 Game Overview

Format: PlayStation®2
Genre: 3D Platform
Number of players: 1-2
Compatible accessories: Analog Controller (DUALSHOCK®2)
Memory Card (8MB) (for PlayStation®2)
Developer: Namco
Release date: Quarter 3, 2002

The adventure begins at night when all the Pac-People are asleep and a silvery moon shines from behind gathering clouds. Several Ghosts sneak into Pac-Village to cause mischief and they unwittingly pick the Golden Fruit. Suddenly, the tree begins to shake and lightning flashes across the sky. The tree begins to rise up and from the darkness beneath, red eyes open and an evil laugh echoes out. Spooky has been released from his prison! The Ghosts cower as Spooky commands them to hide the Golden Fruit throughout the land. Without the Golden Fruit, Pac-Village will be helpless to resist Spooky and the Ghosts.

Join Pac-Man on his quest to find the Golden Fruit and save Pac-Land!


The Best-loved Power Pellet munching character in gaming history is back – and for the first time on PlayStation®2

Features classic Pac-Man characters including Pac-Man, Professor Pac and of course Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. Introducing Pac-Man’s new enemy, Spooky

18 levels plus 6 boss rounds featuring a variety of environments including Pac-Village, Pac-Dot Pond, Treewood Forest, Ice River Run, Avalanche Alley and Blade Mountain

Visit the Amusement Arcade in Pac-Village to play one of these classic Pac-Man games:-
Pac-Man (circa 1980)
Ms. Pac-Man (circa 1981)
Pac-Mania (circa 1988)

Pac-Attack (circa 1993)New and enhanced Pac-Man abilities and special weapons include underwater swimming, rev-rolling, butt-bouncing, Pac-Dot chain, steel power-up (enables Pac-Man to walk under water), inline skating, ice-skating and submarine driving!

Additional 15 Pac-Man mazes hidden within different game levels

4-6 hours gameplay, 15 hour experience if you unlock everything

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