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'Gore' - Game Details

by Thomas on May 10, 2002 @ 3:46 p.m. PDT

General Richter:

“At ease Marines. I’ll only say this once. You have been chosen from among the best level 5 soldiers of the United Marines to be prepared to join the Special Forces. Before you can even start your training, you must fight in the Meat Machine. And believe me, it deserves its nickname, Gore…”

Gore, which has taken more than 4 years to develop by 4DRulers, is a first person PC CD-Rom game integrating totally innovative gameplay elements for perfectly gauged fun. Using its own game engine, a direct competitor of current 3D engines, Gore is ready to offer a new horizon to FPS players.

The player has the choice between a dozen classes of characters, each having their own specific features (strength, weapons, endurance, life points) that he will select depending on his tastes, the game environment and also his opponents.

All the weapons present in Gore are equipped with a double function (double Ingram, shield, grenade launcher, rebound laser, etc), which gives the player more than 40 different ways of tearing his enemies to shreds! What’s more, almost all the visible objects in Gore can be destroyed.

Do you want to stop your enemy from dressing his wounds? Aim carefully at the health bonus, and it will go up in smoke, taking with it the mangled body and hopes of your enemy…

Endurance is one of the main features of Gore, the one that will often make the difference, the one on which the whole style of the player’s game depends. Running, jumping, carrying heavy weapons, it’s all tiring, and particular attention will have to be paid to the management of this resource which can help to avoid the player finding himself in a tight corner with nowhere else to go, unable to avoid the bullets, almost dead on his feet. In this situation, the only thing left to help the player survive is the armour and luckily it’s efficient. It gives protection from all damage resulting in fewer damage points than its fixed level of protection. You just have to aim right or choose a powerful weapon to cause real pain!

The Gore single player campaign will bring you up against the mob throughout the 21 missions of the campaign: murder, destruction and escorting are your main objectives throughout this perfectly scripted campaign. Tested and debugged with the help of two multiplayer test demos available on the Internet (over a million downloads around the world), Gore’s multiplayer modes (LAN or Internet) give a completely different dimension to the massive confrontation through six game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Tactical (only one life), Murder and Last Man Standing.

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