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'Stealth Combat' - Game Overview & Screens

by Patrick on May 13, 2002 @ 3:12 p.m. PDT

Stealth Combat is a tactical action game for PC CD-Rom set in the near future, where a war is raging between the EMA (Economic and Military Alliance) and the Great Empire. Choose your side and immerse yourself in more than 25 infiltration, reconnaissance or destruction based missions in the cockpit of the best mobile military equipment the Special Forces have to offer. Stealth Combat is released in June 2002, priced £34.99.

The player has to take command of dozens of different combat vehicles, from jeeps to helicopters via all kinds of airborne and amphibious units. You can choose new vehicles to control or leave it to the advanced AI. The various combat situations (on land, sea and air) and the game conditions (action, tactics and simulation) give Stealth Combat a depth that is unequalled in any other military action game.

You can play as either special agent Streak of the EMA or as Streak’s feminine alter ego Moon of the Great Empire. The two opposing campaigns will allow you to travel to missions across the globe, in freezing snowstorms or in the parched desert.

Resolve some missions with finesse by meticulous exploration of the game environment or by infiltrating behind enemy lines. Others will require more violent action and head-on attacks using large squadrons of vehicles.

Stealth Combat is also the first game to use the JARED engine, capable of simultaneously managing more than a million polygons.

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