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Empire Announces New 'Starsky & Hutch' Game

by Thomas on May 14, 2002 @ 10:08 a.m. PDT

Empire Interactive has announced that Antonio Fargas, aka Huggy Bear, has been signed for the in-game voice-overs and to help promote the PlayStation 2 and PC versions of its new “Starsky & Hutch” game. Helping Starsky and Hutch clean up the streets, Huggy was present in almost every episode of the hugely popular 70’s show.


Deal to Include In-Game Voice-Over for PlayStation 2 and PC Versions of New “Starsky & Hutch™” Game

The game follows a driving/shooting theme where the player will be encouraged to pull off the over-the-top hand-break turns through cardboard box laden alleyways while taking out the bad guys. No time for Sunday drivers or less than accurate shooters who will see their scores plummet for a less than stellar performance. The game also allows for one player to drive, while a second player shoots the suspects using a light gun.

Chris East, Head of Marketing & PR at Empire said about the deal “We’re delighted to have Antonio with us for this product. He is a cultural icon, and still is the essence of cool. He’ll prove invaluable in making sure the product is as accurate as possible to the look and style of the show – and add a certain amount of style to the marketing activity.”

Antonio Fargas was quoted as saying “I thought it was really cool when I heard about the Starsky & Hutch game, and when I saw it I was blown away, to be able to have one dude drivin’ and another dude shootin’ man I thought cool, I want me some of that”. He continued “Those boys at Empire sure know how to capture the look and feel of Bay City in the 70’s, this game has the Huggy Bear seal of approval.”

Release: PlayStation®2 and PC CD-ROM scheduled for November 2002
Age Rating: TBC
Developer: Minds Eye

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