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Ubi Soft Announce 'BRATZ'

by Thomas on May 14, 2002 @ 10:37 a.m. PDT

Ubi Soft Entertainment and MGA Entertainment, today announced an exclusive licensing agreement for Ubi Soft to develop and publish games based on the popular and fashionable BRATZ dolls for PC and all the new generation of consoles.

Ubi Soft Signs Exclusive Licensing Agreement with MGA Entertainment
To Bring The Bratz Dolls to PC and consoles

“This license represents a great opportunity for Ubi Soft" said Laurent Detoc, president of Ubi Soft Entertainment Inc. “These dolls appeal to girls of all ages, and we believe they represent a unique untapped growing market for the videogame industry.”

“We are thrilled to have signed a licensing agreement with Ubi Soft Entertainment for Bratz video games. Ubi Soft are the leaders in their category. This very exciting license solidifies Bratz as an evergreen property”, said MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian.

The Bratz Dolls – a quartet of 10.5- inch dolls with attitude won the People’s Choice Toy of the Year Award at Toy Fair in February 2002, representing the best toy of the year as voted by thousands of consumers across the US. In fact, Bratz are the only fashion dolls to have beaten Barbie in 43 years, and were again the top doll assortment during March in the U.S., Spain and France, according to NPD reports. Known as Yasmin, Cloe, Jade and Sasha, the Bratz are dolls with a “passion for fashion”.

The Bratz are fully articulated fashion dolls launched in June 2001 to provide hip and trendy alternatives to traditional dolls. Their originality resides in their ethnic diversity, their flair for today’s alternative fashion and worldwide appeal. Designed for girls of all ages, The Bratz Dolls are inspired by modern advertising and computer anime images. Already listed as “Hot 1’s to Watch” by PlayDate 2001 and a “Hot Dozen” selection by Toy Wishes magazine, these dolls will serve as the inspiration for great games.

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