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Acclaim Ships 'Headhunter' For PS2

by Thomas on May 14, 2002 @ 3:42 p.m. PDT

Bringing heart-pounding, espionage action to home to gamers, Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. a leading global video entertainment software developer and publisher, today announced that it has shipped Headhunter for the PS2. One of the most eagerly anticipated action releases of the spring, Headhunter combines stunning next-generation graphics, a deep storyline and content that was designed specifically for the mature gamer.


Eagerly Anticipated Action Title Combines Espionage Storyline and Edgy Content

"Headhunter delivers an incredible gaming experience that is perfectly suited for today's discerning consumers who want to become part of the action," said Sarah Anderson, Senior Vice President of Brand. "Whether taking to the streets on a motorcycle, engaging enemies in stealth combat or playing a deadly game of espionage, Headhunter will immerse players in a very dark world that they may never want to leave."

The dedicated video game press have been eagerly awaiting the release of the game, and had the following to say about Headhunter:

" of Acclaim's coolest games..." -

"The storyline has Robocop, Demolition Man and Dirty Harry written all over it" - Play

"...Headhunter looks to be a solid effort, along with the lines of Max Payne and Metal Gear Solid..." - PSE2

"Metal Gear meets Syphon Filter" - Official PlayStation Magazine

Crime is out of control. Bounty hunters rule the streets. Human organs have replaced money as currency. Welcome to the future of America and meet Jack Wade, Headhunter. After awakening from a coma in a sterile hospital room, Jack realizes that his memories, identity and mind have all been stolen. The only way he can regain what he has mysteriously lost is by embarking on a shadowy quest for his past in the hope of saving his future. When the AntiCrime Network's chief officer is murdered in cold blood, it's up to Jack to bring his killers to justice by any means necessary. Players join Jack along with his accomplice, the sultry Angela Stern, in a tactical adventure where stealth and espionage are the only means to survive.

Headhunter includes an array of exciting features:

  • Cutting-edge stealth action: slithering against walls, peeking around corners and attacking enemies from behind in total anonymity;
  • Play as both ruthless Headhunter Jack Wade or his alluring accomplice, Angela Stern;
  • Rip through the streets at speeds of over 200 mph on an ultra-bad motorcycle;
  • Various license tests challenge gamers' Headhunting skills and unlock hidden game features;
  • Intense gameplay action in both third- and first-person perspectives;
  • Vast arsenal of weapons, including mines, machine guns and missile launchers;
  • Meticulously detailed environments, ranging from seedy biker hangouts to futuristic labs;
  • Incredible mixture of storytelling and action, delivered through the use of over one full hour of painstakingly rendered real-time FMVs;
  • Cinematic in-game soundtrack composed by Richard Jaques and The London Session Orchestra.

Headhunter is currently available for the PlayStation®2 at a suggested retail price of $49.99. For more information on this title visit HERE.

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