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PlayStation to Bundle Final Fantasy X

by Thomas on May 15, 2002 @ 5:10 p.m. PDT

In a ringing endorsement of the popularity and phenomenal demand for SquareSoft’s Final FantasyX, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is to sell the critically acclaimed game as part of a PlayStation 2 bundle.

Final Fantasy X is exclusive to the PlayStation 2 platform and uses the powerful graphic and performance capabilities of the PlayStation 2 to take the Final Fantasy series to new highs of cinematic graphics, engrossing storylines and involving gameplay. The Final Fantasy X bundle will be released at the same time as the stand-alone game, on Friday 17 May in Australia and New Zealand and on Wednesday 29 May in the remaining PAL territories of Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Final Fantasy series has sold over 38 million copies worldwide and has been acclaimed by critics and gamers alike for pushing the boundaries of gameplay, graphics, sound, and story and setting a new standard for the role-playing games (RPG) genre. Final Fantasy X is already one of the biggest games to have been released so far on PlayStation 2, having sold over 7 million copies since its release earlier this year in Japan and the USA.

The PAL version of Final Fantasy X contains additional features not included in the Japanese and USA versions - new ‘abilities’, a new Sphere Grid for advanced players, an extra mini-quest involving the dark aeons and other game play improvements. Both the bundle and the stand-alone game also include an exclusive bonus DVD entitled “Beyond Final Fantasy” which is packed with trailers, edit mixes, original concept artwork, storyboards and even a video of the Final Fantasy theme song, “Suteki Da Ne” sung by Rikki.

Yuji Shibata, Managing Director of Square Europe commented, ”We are very excited to introduce our Final Fantasy X to PAL territories together with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. I am sure that our first Final Fantasy on the PS2 platform will appeal to both long time fans of Final Fantasy as well as to a wider range of consumers. Its gameplay, story, voice-overs and movies are stunning, and will introduce everybody to a new era of the video game."

“Final Fantasy is one of the games that defined console gaming,” said David Patton, Vice President of Marketing at SCEE, “The interest in Final Fantasy X has been so overwhelming, that it was a fairly easy decision to produce a bundle. Final Fantasy X exploits the advanced features of the PlayStation 2 to stunning effect, and gamers in our PAL territories will find that it has been well worth the wait.”

“The FF X bundle teams one of the most eagerly awaited video game in years with PlayStation 2, the most sophisticated games console available. For new gamers, this combination is unbeatable, and provides the ultimate introduction to the exciting world of video gaming.”

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