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Hercules Expands The '3D Prophet' Performance Line

by Thomas on May 16, 2002 @ 9:23 a.m. PDT

Hercules is excited to announce the all new 3D Prophet 7500 DDR 64MB. This powerful AGP4X/2X graphics accelerator is powered by ATI’s remarkable new generation RADEON 7500 chip architecture and offers PC users amazingly high frame rates. Designed for all current heavy titles, from popular first-person shooters to simulation 3D games, its full support for OpenGL and DirectX APIs, will make it compliant with future generation games and applications.

Hercules expands the 3D Prophet performance line with a value leader and a high quality graphics booster

“3D Prophet 7500 DDR 64MB is a versatile new generation 3D graphics board, optimised with a perfect set of ingredients: a powerful new generation engine, the ability to process up to 40 million triangles per second, two VGA outputs and a TV-Output. The card is ideal for serious 3D gaming, quality office use and great multimedia entertainment”, says Michael Flanagan, Guillemot UK Managing Director. ”3D Prophet 7500 DDR 64MB will undoubtedly give PCs a power boost and greatly improve their efficiency”.

3D Prophet 7500 DDR 64MB fulfils any PC user’s dream with its wealth of 3D features and Hercules’ innovative hardware. Designed around a fast chipset, it runs at 270MHz and has 64MB onboard DDR RAM, with 128-bit memory bus. This powerful architecture is optimised with ATI HYPERZ™, a technology that saves memory bandwidth used for optimising acceleration in applications that require large texture buffers. 3D Prophet 7500 DDR 64MB also sports the Charisma Engine™, a hardware accelerated Transformation, Clipping & Lighting engine and it benefits from Pixel Tapestry™ architecture, for highly advanced 3D functions: 3D Textures, Environment Bump Mapping (EMBM) and Priority Buffer. These latest generation features provide access, in all 3D applications, to demanding photo-realistic character animations and life-like backgrounds, while maintaining smooth frame rates.

In addition, 3D Prophet 7500 DDR 64MB offers great multimedia features & flexible dual monitor support, perfect for corporate users and gamers who also enjoy watching DVDs. It includes dual VGA outputs, for resolutions of up to 2048x1536 in 16 million colors (Dual 350MHz RAMDAC support). It also features integrated TV encoding, supporting resolutions of up to 1024x768 on Pal & NTSC TV sets, coupled with its Video Immersion™ technology, enabling high quality playback of DVD movies with minimal CPU resources: 100% hardware HDTV decoder (iDCT & Motion Compensation), MPEG-2 decoder and Adaptive Per Pixel De-Interlacing. Finally, Dual Display support is also available through HydraVision™ software which ensures a flexible display and an excellent image quality in extended desktop mode (different display on the 2 screens): VGA + VGA or VGA + TV.

3D Prophet 7500 DDR 64MB will be available in mid-May 2002 for £114.99

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