CDV Concludes Additional License Deals

by Thomas on May 16, 2002 @ 3:28 p.m. PDT

CDV Software Entertainment AG, developer and publisher of computer games, is continuing its internationalization at high speed. Last year's surprisingly good sales figures are followed up by several licensing contracts with international distribution partners in the first quarter of 2002. Now CDV has increased the number of internationally published titles by concluding additional contracts.

CDV concludes additional license deals with distribution partners abroad

Especially the two real-time strategy games Combat Mission and WarCommander are currently storming the international market. They have already paved the way for the triumphant advance of the long awaited real-time strategy title Sudden Strike II, the sequel to the sales hit Sudden Strike, which is due to appear in Germany on May 31st 2002.

CDV's CEO Wolfgang Gäbler comments: "Like chess, the king among all strategy games, Sudden Strike requires meditation as well as planning and skill, there are simply far more than just 32 figures. People all over the world like to take on this challenge, which is why good real-time strategy titles are so successful."

CDV's Contract Partners

With the Belgian distributor Mediamix, who is successfully distributing CDV's titles in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, a license deal regarding the RTS title Combat Mission has been signed. The license of Combat Mission for the distribution area of Finland was sold to the Finnish distributor Plan 1.

The RTS title WarCommander will be distributed in Russia by the contract partner Nival, in Poland by the IM Group. The IM Group has received the distribution license for the Sudden Strike add-on Sudden Strike Forever as well.

WarCommander is advancing to the south without any resistance too: The distribution area of Spain is covered by a license deal with Proein. The Sudden Strike Gold Edition, the bundle consisting of Sudden Strike and the add-on Sudden Strike Forever, will from now on be distributed in Spain as well. The Portuguese distribution of WarCommander will be conducted by the distributor Porto Editora. Another license deal for the Cossacks add-on Cossacks: The Art of War has been concluded with Porto Editora. In Greece, WarCommander will be distributed by the contract partner Despec.

Moreover, WarCommander will from now on be available in Australia and New Zealand as well. This is has been concluded by the license deal with the Australian distribution partner Red Ant.

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