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'Airborne Assault - Red Devils Over Arnhem' Goes GOLD

by Thomas on May 18, 2002 @ 10:05 a.m. PDT and developer Panther Games are proud to announce that "Airborne Assault - Red Devils over Arnhem", an operational level real-time wargame about the final leg of "Operation Market Garden", has now officially reached GOLD status. A new final demo can be downloaded free from

"Airborne Assault" is currently in production, and will be opened to pre-orders by June 1st. First games are expected to ship by June 15th. "Airborne Assault - Red Devils Over Arnhem" will be available only online from and is not being sold in retail.

In "Airborne Assault" players can take command of the British Airborne forces (the "Red Devils") as they struggle to seize control of the strategic Rhine River crossing at the Dutch town of Arnhem in September 1944 or rally the desperate German forces as they try to repel the airborne invaders.

"Airborne Assault" game features include:

" Detailed vector drawn map based on actual World War II allied Geographical Section General Staff (G.S.G.S.) maps issued in 1944

" Historically accurate Order of Battles with a total of over 440 combat units (platoon size and up). Methodically researched, including details such as personnel strength, equipment, supplies, fatigue, cohesion, aggression, experience, training, commander abilities, staff capacity, communications rating, speed, deployment, location, formation, frontage, depth, and unit histories"

"ScenMaker" game editor to create your own "what-if" scenarios

" Multiplayer support for LAN and Internet play

" Sophisticated game AI - micromanage your units as much as you like, or issue strategic orders to whole formations and watch your subordinate commanders develop a plan of action- pausable real-time action at adjustable speeds simulates the pressures of command

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