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Smuggler's Run: Warzones for GameCube

by Thomas on May 2, 2002 @ 10:59 a.m. PDT

A New Adrenaline-Fueled Smuggling Adventure Begins This Summer. Rockstar Games, Take 2 Interactives' hi-end publishing division, is pleased to announce that "Smuggler's Run: Warzones" is crossing the border and heading for a release on Nintendo GameCube this summer.

The first Smuggler's Run title to grace the GameCube console, this off-road driving adventure offers the most dynamic smuggling challenge yet with five huge maps, over 30 missions and 2-4 person multiplayer action. "Smuggler's Run: Warzones" is set for release July 2002.

"With 'Warzones,' the game has been radically enhanced and developed for the Nintendo Gamecube audience by adding a vast array of new features, including never-before-seen environments, countermeasures and missions," said Dan Houser, Creative Director of Rockstar Games. "Add the fierce competition of four-player split screen and a pulsating soundtrack, you have an amazing, white-knuckle driving game."

In "Smuggler's Run: Warzones," the player is an elite, international smuggler working in the most volatile warzones on earth. With large, expansive environments and an immersive storyline revealed through stylized full motion video cut scenes, "Warzones" plunges the gamer into the treacherous terrain of Vietnam and the extreme environments of Eastern Europe. Surviving the dangerous outlaw lifestyle of a smuggler continues on the Gamecube this July with "Smuggler's Run: Warzones."

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