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'Myst Online' Announced - Screens

by Thomas on May 23, 2002 @ 11:56 a.m. PDT

Ubi Soft Entertainment, one of the world's leading videogame publishers, today announced an exclusive worldwide deal with Cyan Worlds, Inc., to publish and operate Myst Online (working title).

The Myst franchise has sold more than 11 million copies worldwide and is the most widely recognized game brand in the world. Known for their artistic beauty, immersive atmosphere and ease of use, the Myst games represent a high benchmark of the video game industry. Now, the visually stunning Myst universe will be featured in a persistent online world-based adventure featuring state-of-the-art technology, innovative design and a rich social experience. Myst Online is slated to launch in 2003.

Devotees of the Myst series, fans of traditional massively-multiplayer online games, and non-gamers alike are sure to be captivated by Myst Online. The game features visually stunning real-time 3D graphics, rich storylines, continually updated content, real voice communication and traditional text chat. Myst Online will have an easy learning curve, enabling players of all skill levels and interests to experience the expansive Ages and history of Myst in a uniquely social environment.

"Taking Myst into the online medium represents a significant opportunity for Ubi Soft. We're excited to help expand one of the strongest and most influential brands of our catalog to the internet." said Yves Guillemot, President and CEO of Ubi Soft Entertainment. "Games like Myst Online and Shadowbane(tm) are just the beginning of our commitment to the online games market through We believe that Ubi Soft's online games expertise coupled with the talented Cyan Worlds team will enable Myst Online to set a new benchmark for persistent world-based games."

"This is the culmination of years of world building. Everything we've learned from our earliest worlds we've poured into Myst Online, building a universe that is growing, breathing, and alive. The Myst Online universe will provide players with a journey that will never end." said Rand Miller, founder of Cyan Worlds, Inc. "Myst Online uses our proprietary technology to build a place that is so responsive and immersive, people will feel impelled to share their adventure, both in the game, and the next day at work or school. It's a massive undertaking, and we're excited about working with Ubi Soft to make it a reality. "

Myst Online will be played on which is expanding its online infrastructure to serve customers anywhere in the world. One of the top ten worldwide online gaming portals supports all of Ubi Soft's multiplayer titles and is the only game portal to support both PC and console-based games. reaches millions of unique visitors each month and has over one million registered users since its launch in November 2001.

More screens and artwork can be found on

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