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DreamWorks Spooked by Tecmo's 'Fatal Frame'

by Thomas on May 24, 2002 @ 9:49 a.m. PDT

At its E3 press conference, Tecmo announced that it has entered into a deal whereby DreamWorks will produce a film based on Tecmo's popular survival-horror game "Fatal Frame." The agreement, which is still being finalized, gives DreamWorks the exclusive option to the live-action production rights for Tecmo's "Fatal Frame." In March of 2002, Tecmo shipped "Fatal Frame" for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system to critical acclaim and rave customer reviews.

"Fatal Frame," Tecmo's most recent title, generated considerable buzz among top critics such as gaming magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly and popular website, both of whom labeled it "the scariest game ever." The game's dark atmosphere, gripping story, and frightening gameplay made it an instant hit among consumers.

Mike De Luca, DreamWorks President of Production, said, "We were amazed by the fantastic creative vision driving `Fatal Frame.' Our plan is to take the scariest video game of all time and transport that vision -- complete with all the tension, fear, and storyline intact -- to the big screen for everyone to experience. This is an exciting, new project with outstanding potential for DreamWorks."

Tecmo, Ltd. President Junji Nakamura stated, "We are happy that DreamWorks, one of the premier movie studios in the world, recognized the greatness of `Fatal Frame' by Tecmo, one of the premier game developers in the world. We have great things planned for `Fatal Frame' in the future, and this motion picture deal is only the beginning."

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