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'Breath of Fire' & 'Clock Tower 3' (PS2) - Screens & Features

by Thomas on May 27, 2002 @ 10:17 a.m. PDT

This morning we bring you some screens and features from Capcom and their upcoming PS2 titles, Clock Tower 3 and Breath of Fire V.

Breath of Fire for the PlayStation 2 sports a whole new 3D-world look, an engrossing storyline, brand new stylized visuals and innovative gameplay features.

Clock Tower 3 promises to evoke fear with unnerving visuals and an equally intense storyline. The entire game features fully rendered 3D backgrounds, offering an incredibly realistic look to each scene and battle event.

Breath of Fire V (PS2)

Breath of Fire series boasts the following features:

PETS (Positive Encounter and Tactics System) - A revolutionary feature to RPGs in which players can set up traps and decoys in the environment prior to going into battle against monsters.

"Survival" Game Play - Players are challenged with an abundance of enemies and a large variety of strategic elements such as deciding whether to fight or avoid enemies, or timing when to attack.

Ability Point System - All actions, including spells and attacks, will cost Ability Points (AP's). The accumulation of AP's can be used to deliver more powerful attacks or combos.

SOL (Scenario Overlay System) - What the player has accomplished up to that point carries over to the newly restarted game. Not only do Experience Points and items carry over but, in-game events and dungeons will change based on the player's previous accomplishments.

Set in an underground world that time has forgotten, this newest Breath of Fire game takes players on a journey to the surface of the earth. An ecological catastrophe has devastated the planet, forcing a civilization to settle and live in the ancient underground city, "Shelter." Generations have passed since man has seen the sky and no one has any recollection of how life once was. Ryu, a Ranger for the underground civilization, is on his routine patrol assignment when he has a sudden "awakening" and is determined to discover what lurks above. Follow Ryu, and other members of the underground society, as they fight their way to the surface against monsters and adversaries.


Clock Tower 3 (PS2)

Clock Tower 3 boasts the following features:

Allyssa's Fight - Allyssa doesn't posses a particular weapon. She will only have her courage and wits to survive the evil spirits that fill the town. Allyssa must hide within the shadows and use various items that stand before her. She must fight her way through, step-by-step, until she gains special abilities.

Allyssa's Fate - Allyssa is destined to fight against demons as her ancestors have done before her. Every time a new demon is born, it is her fate to destory it.

Allyssa's Growth - The main focus of the player is to assist Allyssa as she travels through the adventure. Players will experience a great sense of accomplishment as they help Allyssa grow into a powerful being.

Cinemas directed by Kinji Fukasaku - In order to give the game a more "realistic" feel, several cinemas that rival those of high budget films have been included, all directed by the highly respected, Kinji Fukasaku, 'the last great Japanese action movie director.' The cinemas use motion capture that surpass current standards and will convey the game's essence perfectly.

Set in London, England, Clock Tower 3 players join Allyssa, a young girl whose ancestors have fought the powers of evil for centuries. As she progresses through the story, Allyssa slowly begins to discover the truth, but maybe some stones are best left unturned.

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