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Tyson Heavyweight Boxing's Designer Thrown Into The Ring

by Thomas on May 29, 2002 @ 4:19 p.m. PDT

Audley Harrison, the Olympic gold super-heavyweight championship boxer has revealed that one of the hardest challenges of his career was not winning Commonwealth gold or even beating Julius Long recently in just two rounds, but taking on Codemasters' Jon Hare. Full story and nasty screens below!

Audley trained out of shape Jon Hare and games designer Justin Forrest as professional boxers to assist in their understanding of the sport before the launch of new video game, Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing, in which he features.

Jon and Justin trained with Audley to to understand the intensity, brutality and dedication to the sport so they could ensure that Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing for PlayStation 2 and Xbox was the most realistic boxing game created and was what boxing fans were demanding.

The gaming experts were instructed to train three times a day and learn the techniques, skills and manoeuvres required by a professional boxer.

Under the watchful eye of Audley, the designers learnt how to punch correctly, shadow box, conduct pad boxing, increase their overall fitness and stamina and develop the right mental attitude to get into the ring.

Jon Hare, chief games designer at Codemasters said "This extra insight has been invaluable and by the end of our training, we really understood the strength and mentality of a professional boxer. We wanted to recreate the adrenaline rush and the power and speed of boxing in the game itself."

Audley Harrison commented that "It takes true grit and determination to become a professional fighter. I was happy to show these guys what the world of boxing is really like because I want fans of the sport to be able to play a realistic and adrenaline packed game that gets as close to the bone as possible. You have to be prepared to work 24/7 to win in the ring and this was just a taster of what life is like as a boxer."

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing will be available from June 7 on PlayStation 2 (£39.99) and on June 14 on Microsoft Xbox.

The games' web site is located at

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