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'Tsunami 2265' Shoot’em Up Announced & Screens

by Thomas on May 3, 2002 @ 6:24 p.m. PDT

Got Game Entertainment and Prograph Research today announced a North American publishing agreement for "Tsunami 2265", a futuristic "shoot’em up" PC action game. "We are thrilled to be bringing ‘Tsunami 2265’ to the North American market," said Howard Horowitz, President of Got Game Entertainment, "Prograph has definitely created a truly unique and exciting PC game." Read more below for full announcement and first screens!


Featuring vibrant anime-style 3D graphics, "Tsunami 2265" hurls the player into an intriguing tale, rich with dramatic twists and turns. The story is structured to create a perfect mix between hectic and destructive shoot'em up sections, and intriguing arcade phases.

During the adventure phases, players control either of two main characters, Naoko Hikari and Neon Shima, leading them inside secret military bases held under tight surveillance. With the aid of their most powerful Mech, players must reveal the secret that hides behind E.L.EN.A., a mysterious source of energy and untamed power.

The shoot' em up sections immerse the player in thrilling battles where speed and piloting skills are essential to survive enemy attacks. Every level entails a myriad of objectives related to the story-path, all necessary for the completion of the mission. The well-structured story reveals itself step by step with every mission. And, during gameplay, vividly animated sequences narrate the events.

"‘Tsunami 2265’ is only for those players who require of their games a great story, fascinating adventures, exciting battles, and outstanding graphics, mixed with incredible audio tracks. If those are your requirements, then this is your game," said Horowitz.

About Got Game Entertainment
Got Game Entertainment is a publisher of games for PC and other platforms. Founded by entertainment industry veterans with over 15 years of experience, Got Game Entertainment is committed to bringing to market quality games offering exceptional entertainment. Learn more about Got Game Entertainment at

About Prograph Research
Established in 1998, Prograph Research Srl is an innovative subsidiary of one of Italy's largest business concerns operating in the field of frames production and robotics. With the backing of a multi-million dollar company, Prograph's team is comprised of Italy's most experienced professionals in the field of entertainment. After enjoying the release of several successful PC titles, Prograph Reseach now focuses on development of new games for the
console market.

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