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'Kreed' Article & Interview With Exclusive Screens

by Thomas on May 30, 2002 @ 11:30 a.m. PDT

News Jolt tossed up and interesting article and interview with Vladimir Nikolaev, the Studio Director and Project Manager of Kreed. Here is a clip:

Will you be including bots so that people can play off-line multiplayer? If so, will their artificial intelligence enable them to play realistically in team games?

Certainly we are planning to include bots in the multiplayer, that’s unquestionable. Though it’s hard for us to judge how good the AI of the bots will be. But we can say for sure that, firstly, team AI of the opposition with various behaviour patterns will be widely used in the single player game, there will be all sorts of space warriors using every kind of tactics to destroy the player. Secondly, Alexander Borodetski, the person who right now is working on the AI, has a lot of similar experience with game bots.
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