Neverwinter Nexus Community Chat

by Thomas on May 30, 2002 @ 9:15 p.m. PDT

The community chat organized by the Nexus and the GDC which was originally scheduled for this Sunday past, has been moved to tonight at 8pm EST. The topic will be: "What is the player community's Next Step? How can the community of players, DMs, and Creators best organize themselves to provide quality gaming experiences for as many people as possible?" Find out more below! (thanks Neverwinter Vault)

UPDATE: 'Neverwinter Haven Beta Contest' Neverwinter haven is proud to present a Beta Contest for 2 spots in the Neverwinter Beta. Time is of the essence contest Ends JUNE 2nd. More about beta test here!
Many of the community leaders from the various sites will be there, with a tentative (no promises) confirmation from Derek French (Live Team Producer). Here are the details:

Date: Thursday, May 30th 8:00 PM EDT

IRC Info: Server: Port: 6667 Channel: #neverwinternexus

IRC challenged folks can simply go here and click on the 'Launch Chat' link in the upper left.

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