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PAL PS2 Conversion Of 'SoF Gold' and 'Elite Force'

by Thomas on June 11, 2002 @ 9:35 a.m. PDT

Codemasters has completed the enhanced PAL PlayStation 2 conversions of Soldier of Fortune – Gold and Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. Both titles are licensed from Majesco Sales Inc., publishers of the games’ NTSC editions in the US.

“The games look better than their NTSC counterparts,” confirms Richard Darling, Codemasters’ Creative Director. Key elements of the games’ original US code have been reworked to improve the graphics engine and heavily optimise both games’ frame rate to help ensure a solid, consistent speed.

“We have taken advantage of the PAL display system to improve texture appearance. With more lines on a PAL television image we’ve been able to draw the textures in better detail, even close up,” says Richard.

“We’ve also improved the graphics rendering system to heighten the game’s appearance overall; edges are more clearly defined, colours are more vibrant and sharper. The game’s anti-aliasing has been enhanced to smooth previously jagged edges, especially on static screens.”

Both games will launch with Quick Start Guides to complement the training modes and provide easy access to the advanced game controls from the outset

Codemasters will publish Soldier of Fortune – Gold on June 28th with Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force appearing on July 5th. Videos of both games can be downloaded from their dedicated micro sites, located at:


Hired to hunt, paid to kill – Soldier of Fortune – Gold, the best-selling first-person shooter, comes to PlayStation 2 on June 28th.

With the atmosphere of a blockbuster action-thriller, Soldier of Fortune – Gold plunges the player into a no-holds-barred modern day scenario. As John Mullins, the world's deadliest soldier of fortune, track down and take out a fanatical terrorist organisation with force.

Soldier of Fortune – Gold submerses Mullins in the deadly world of a gun-for-hire with covert missions spanning five continents. The game’s 10 covert missions, covering 26 levels of play, take in the underworlds of political hotspots across the globe.

As Mullins engages in sabotage, stealthy assassination, and full frontal assaults, it’s the player’s skill as a clear-headed marksman that separates the hunter from becoming the hunted.


The adventures of Captain Janeway and her loyal Voyager crew continue on PlayStation 2 in Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force.

Critically acclaimed as the best Star Trek game produced, the title follows an original plot written with the approval of the TV show’s creators. Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force sees the Federation ship and crew on a dramatic all-action mission that takes in alien attacks and an eerie space junkyard.

The PlayStation 2 edition recreates stunning 3D visualisations of Voyager’s expansive decks and the doom-laden interiors of five abandoned spacecraft. There isn’t however much time to admire the views: the action comes thick and fast as an alien force is intent on ransacking Voyager.

With its stunning mix of fast action, fully interactive levels and stunning story-telling, Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force is a superb take on the hugely popular series and a dynamic addition to the first-person shooter genre.

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