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Jazz and Faust Ships

by Thomas on June 11, 2002 @ 6:25 p.m. PDT

Russian video game developer and publisher, 1C, announced today that it has shipped the PC game Jazz and Faust. The game, which marks the self-publishing debut for 1C in North America, features a rich, innovative storyline and beautiful 3D graphics. Jazz and Faust is available now at retailers nationwide with an SRP of $29.99.

In Jazz and Faust players assume the role of one of two characters – the covetous smuggler Jazz or the enchanting sea captain Faust. Players then embark on an epic adventure through a marvelously rendered world of the Ancient East and have the unique opportunity to see some of the same events from two completely different points of view. The game features two variant paths, depending on which character is selected, each offering its own unique storyline, but progressing to equally rich endings. The two characters will even run into one another during their intrepid travels, but have many experiences unique to each character that will keep each journey fresh and exciting. The characters’ different personalities and motivations provide two completely different game perspectives, thus extending the life and playability of the game.

The game takes players into an extremely versatile world made up of over 80 puzzle-laden scenes and inhabited by over 50 characters. Three challenging picturesque worlds await ardent players: The first is a nefarious desert of caravans, ghost towns and sultry caravanserais packed with seedy characters. There are also markets packed with all types of goods being bought, sold and traded. The second is a seacoast world of smuggling seaman and loot dealers – many of which conduct their shifty dealings in the town’s taverns. The third world is set in the middle of the sea along a trade route. This makes it the perfect setting for mercenaries, heroes and scoundrels to conduct their reprehensible activities.

Jazz and Faust’s striking Middle Age European rendered art, detailed 3D characters, real-time shadows, and colorful special effects – including fire, smoke and mist will dazzle the most demanding adventure game fan. The game’s challenging puzzles and dynamic storyline will keep gamers coming back for more. Additionally, the ability to play the game from two unique points of view are sure to make Jazz and Faust one of the most talked about adventure games of 2002. More information on Jazz and Faust can be found at the game’s official website –

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