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Isle of Man T.T. Comes To PS2

by Thomas on June 12, 2002 @ 3:46 p.m. PDT

Leading video game developer and publisher Jester Interactive is close to completing the exhaustive pre-production for its forthcoming official Isle of Man T.T. title for PlayStation 2. Scheduled for release in 2003, Isle of Man T.T. will be the definitive motorcycle road racing game. To this end, a Jester party led by three enthusiastic company Directors travelled to the island to capture footage of the 38 mile-long course, and to take extensive measurements for use in the PlayStation 2 game.

During the Jubilee bank holiday weekend, they took in several key races, and rode the infamous ‘Mad Sunday’ in order to ensure the final game conveys the true speed and endurance aspects of this legendary event.

“We are all big motorbike fans at Jester, and I can honestly say that having ridden parts of the circuit at over 140mph we are totally in awe of people like current T.T. Champion, David Jefferies,” comments Creative Director, Tim Wright. “To truly appreciate every nuance of the circuit you need to ride some of it at race speeds. We went to the Island to do just that, and the lessons we’ve learned and the footage we’ve captured will be invaluable.”

Clark Evans, Jester’s Commercial Director concurs: “Only by actually riding the circuit could we get a genuine feel for the track, and we’re determined to make the PlayStation 2 game accurate enough for real riders to use for circuit training”.

“With first-hand experience at management level, a development team that are totally dedicated to the product, and excellent in-house physics and rendering technology from our ‘Super Trucks’ title, we are looking to make Isle of Man T.T. the benchmark for road racing,” adds CEO Gavin Morgan.

Thanks to copious notes and footage, not to mention unlimited assistance from race organisers and the Isle of Man Government, Jester Interactive’s game will feature an exact recreation of the course. The game also offers PlayStation 2 owners a choice of bikes in different race classes, each of which will boast accurate handling and attributes.

A series of arcade modes will also be available, breaking the 38-mile course into smaller sections, gradually building up to competing in a faithful recreation of the gruelling event, wherein players will be responsible for refuelling and possible tyre changes during the course of the race.

With realistic and changeable weather conditions, a two-player sidecar mode and a real emphasis on accuracy, Isle of Man T.T. is certain to be the most definitive T.T. experience this side of the real thing.

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