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Fullscreen Windows Version Of 'Black Jack Pro'

by Thomas on June 12, 2002 @ 3:52 p.m. PDT

G3 Studios, a developer and publisher of video games for handheld devices, Pocket PC and other platforms, today released an updated windows version of its best-selling "Black Jack Pro." Now making use of high resolution displays with remastered graphics, the new Windows version is a direct result of customer feedback.

"Not only did we make sure to have the game run in a fullscreen mode that creates a more immersive game play environment than the previously released windowed version," G3 Studios' CEO Guido Henkel explains, "we have also added a number of new features that stem from feedback we received from players around the world."

One such newly added feature is a statistics screen in which the player can see a brief analysis of his play. The number of hands played is displayed, as well as information about the Hands that were lost and won, and mistakes discovered in the player's strategy. Apart form a global overview the player can also create session to compare his success to shorter-term goals.

Another new feature is a "Flashcard Mode" in which the game automatically executes the most common play situations and thus saves the player time in playing his hands.

All other features of the game remain intact, such as the tutor that teaches teaches winning strategies and the acclaimed card counting trainer many players have come to rely on.

Since its release 2 months ago, "Black Jack Pro" has quickly become the reference Black Jack simulation on all platforms and is universally touted as the single-best Black Jack game on any platform by critics and users alike. It takes computer Black Jack to new heights and the newly released Windows version will allow even more gamers to become better and more successful Black Jack players!

For a limited time, the Windows version of "Black Jack Pro" will be available for $12.99 at the G3 Studios Store at before the price will be raised to its final $19.99 price point. A free, fully playable demo version is also available from the G3 Studios website.

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