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Legion: The Legend of Excalibur Ships June 17

by Thomas on June 15, 2002 @ 9:21 a.m. PDT

Midway Games Inc. a leading software industry publisher and developer, announced today that Legion: The Legend of Excalibur, a game that combines strategy, role-playing and action, is scheduled to ship on June 17, for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Delivering an intense, “never-been-done-before” experience, Legion: The Legend of Excalibur combines sword and sorcery action with rich character and story development familiar to the Role-Playing Genre, and strategic depth, enjoyed by Real-Time Strategy fans.

Developed by 7 Studios and led by one of the creators of the Command & Conquer series, Erik Yeo, Legion: The Legend of Excalibur bestows the most enticing elements within the epic legend of King Arthur and his mystical sword, Excalibur. Players take direct control of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, leading legions of men into dynamic battlefield environments.

“The popular tale of King Arthur's legend provides a mystical setting for Legion: The Legend of Excalibur to take place in,” said Helene Sheeler, vice president of marketing, Midway. “The setting, combined with the unique mixture of gameplay with role-playing, strategy and action elements really brings to life the richness of the game's features.”

Battling through 13 in-depth missions, players must find and recruit the eight Knights of the Round Table, while Merlin provides background and insight to aid in uniting Camelot. Each action-based mission features primary and secondary objectives as knights progress in rank, proceed on hard-fought quests and discover more than 100 kinds of magic weapons, armor and other legendary items that characters can be equipped with.

Legion: The Legend of Excalibur Key Features

An Ensemble Cast of Characters – Find and recruit the eight Knights of the Round Table and unite Camelot

In-Depth Missions – Complete 13 missions, with primary and secondary objectives, on your way to restoring Camelot

A Compelling Story – Immerse yourself in the world of Camelot and Excalibur, where knights lived by the sword and mages wield the might of magic

Magical Items and Weapons – Make use of more than 100 items, including rings and amulets as well as unique legendary items for each knight

Spectacular Magic System – Cast more than 20 unique mage and cleric spells with dynamic lighting effects and results.

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