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Ask Blizzard 'Warcraft III' Q/A

by Thomas on June 16, 2002 @ 10:53 a.m. PDT

As Blizzard approach the release of Warcraft III, they wanted to answer a few questions that they have received from a number of Blizzard fans. Read more below for this Q/A.

How have the Warcraft III Beta testers impacted the final design of the game?

The most important impact Beta testers have had on the game is the balance tweaks we have implemented after tracking which strategies were being used successfully. Our goal was to ensure that no one strategy was overwhelming or unable to be countered. Some specific changes include:

· Footmen-class units are now even more robust than their ranged counterparts
· Goblin zeppelins now unload more slowly and hold fewer large units than regular-sized units
· More choices are available lower on the tech tree to allow players a wider variety of early strategies

How will Warcraft III on be different from previous Blizzard games?

We've added several enhanced features, including Friends List, Arranged Teams, and Observer Mode. One important goal we had for Warcraft III's multiplayer experience, however, was to ensure that everyone could go on and have a great time regardless of their ability or preferred style of gameplay. A new feature, called Anonymous MatchMaking (AMM) will allow players to find a competitive game quickly and easily by automatically checking a player's record and setting them up against another player, anonymously, with a similar record. Of course players can still set up games in the more traditional ways, but we suspect that many players will find that AMM really enhances their experience on

Will there be an expansion to Warcraft III?

To date, we have not announced any plans for a Warcraft III expansion. We listen very carefully to our player community however, and if an expansion is something that Warcraft III players ultimately demand then we will take that into very serious consideration when planning out what to work on next.

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