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'Scarlet Waves' Announced

by Thomas on June 18, 2002 @ 11:30 a.m. PDT

PaGTech, a new independent game development studio, today announced its first title: Scarlet Waves. Scarlet Waves will be a turn-based strategy game in which players will create and customize their pirate fleet to fight against the computer or other players. The game will be released this summer and will be distributed online. "Scarlet Waves will bring some fresh air in the turn-based strategy genre. It is simple to learn, yet hard to master and is great fun to play," said Pierre-Alexandre Garneau, PaGTech's founder.

Highlights of Scarlet Waves include:

  • Create a pirate fleet of up to 5 ships by setting each ship's characteristics and picking among dozens of special traits to make sure each ship fits perfectly into your battle plans.
  • Control all of your ships simultaneously in tactical battles where good thinking is more important than reflexes.
  • Play alone in "Career" mode, against your friends on one computer in "Hot Seat" or on the Internet with the "Play-by-email" mode.

The game will be distributed online with a demo version available at the same time the game is released. "With almost 500 million Internet users world-wide, it only makes sense to use the web to distribute games," said Mr Garneau.

Screenshots and more details are available at the Scarlet Waves website

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