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GameCube 'Top Gun: Combat Zones' Trailer

by Thomas on June 18, 2002 @ 7:22 p.m. PDT

A few hours ago we tossed up some new screens and features from Titus Interactive’s stunning Game Cube conversion of Top Gun: Combat Zones. Now we bring you the trailer "5MB" that give a great indication as to how the game is shaping up. Read more below for the link!

Grab the trailer from our ftp HERE


34 missions, from three different eras.
Four graphically diverse locations, Asia, Gulf States, the Arctic circle, and Miramar, home of “Top Gun.”
Both live combat missions and Top Gun Academy “hops.”
Eight planes, with 3 only available to true “Top Guns.”
Amazing graphics, unique ground detail and stunning replays.
Challenging air, sea and ground enemies.
Incredible canyons, cities and mountains to test flying skills.
Detailed scoring system, recognizing brave, skillful or just flashy players!
Quickstart system allows the player to create new mission, using all unlocked levels, enemies and plane types.

Find out more about this game here

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