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'Illuminator Pro' For Gameboy Advance!

by Thomas on June 21, 2002 @ 12:15 p.m. PDT

JOYTECH, Europe’s biggest 3rd party peripheral manufacturer, performs a gaming miracle, and bestows light to the masses! Some said it was just a dream, others that it was impossible, but once again, JOYTECH have proven them wrong, with the release of the extraordinary ‘Illuminator Pro’ for Gameboy Advance!

Utilising revolutionary ‘Fluorescevision™’ Technology, JOYTECH’S Illuminator Pro, is the first and ONLY Total Light Solution that succeeds in bringing light to gamers lives, anywhere, any time! Peter Jackson, JOYTECH’S Product Development Manager, sheds light (No pun intended) on the latest release. “Nintendo┬« have thrilled the world with the release of the Gameboy™ Advance, but many gamers are still bitterly disappointed at the lack of an internal back light. The ‘Illuminator Pro’ from JOYTECH is the last word in external illumination. The technicians at JOYTECH have been working tirelessly to perfect the ‘Fluorescevision™’ Technology, a system that provides bright, reliable and even lighting of the entire screen. We have also catered for the gamers energy concern, as the Illuminators advanced technology, allows it to be powered by a plethora of sources. Users have the choice of using 2 standard AA batteries, any Gameboy™ Advanced compatible rechargeable battery pack, or even through an external AC Adapter! We at JOYTECH believe that we’ve accomplished our goal of creating the ultimate Illumination Solution, and that gamers everywhere will be delighted with the results the ‘Illuminator Pro’ delivers.

Karena Doherty, JOYTECH’S Marketing Executive, remains light headed over JOYTECH’S new baby. “Not only does the Illuminator Pro provide astonishing external illumination, but it also provides exceptional magnification, making all the action big, bright, and always a light!”

The Illuminator Pro from JOYTECH. Always full of Bright ideas…

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