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America's Army Game Update

by Thomas on June 21, 2002 @ 12:36 p.m. PDT

The United States Army announced their employment of the HomeLAN group to exclusively provide hundreds of official servers, 24/7 admin support, beta testing, development, and a host of other features and services for the America's Army game. The "America’s Army” game blends two vivid simulations: “Soldiers,” a role-playing portion in which players navigate life’s challenges to achieve goals, and a first-person action game, called “Operations.”

Unquestionably the definitive source on warfare, team tactics, weapons ballistics, and equipment, and with its expansive knowledge base from which to draw, the United States Army is uniquely qualified to develop a first person action game like “Operations.” “Operations” allows up to 32 players to enter into “virtual service” with the U.S. Army on the same unit mission. “America’s Army” has implemented the “team play”concept in a powerful and innovative way with gamers playing as a team and being bound by the tactics of land warfare, Army values and realistic Rules Of Engagement.

True to life, gone are the days of Rambo-like rushers. The victor will often be determined by utilizing slow and cautious tactics, communication (via silent handsignals as well as radio), and an entire team's abilities. There are multiple, realistic classes, codependent on each other, and earned through successful completion of certain criteria and training. Minor "misfires" are recorded and punished as necessary; and checking your fire is advised, just as in real combat. Many other unique features will redefine the genre with this release, including the gameplay element whereby the players always perceive they always are on the U.S. team. And best of all, the game is free.

The United States Army, as the most powerful ground force on the planet and with 227 years of research, testing, and experience, is no stranger to the simulation arena, even though this is its debut public title. The America’s Army game is a communications vehicle for the Army to show civilians what the Army experience is like from the barracks to the battlefields.

Through the efforts of the more than 1.2 million soldiers in the active Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserve the U.S. Army is the world’s premier land force. Today, more than 210,000 soldiers stand guard in defense of freedom in over 120 foreign countries. Army soldiers are on the frontline in the ongoing war on terrorism and joint-service missions for the Department of Defense. The Army is a major part of a Transformation revolution for America’s future national defense needs. For more information on the Army, go to or

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