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New 'Deathrow' (XB) - Update & Screens

by Thomas on June 21, 2002 @ 4:31 p.m. PDT

Ubi Soft today send us some news of 'the Sentinels', another team in this futuristic sports game. Included are also seven new screens. Njoy!


2197: in Los Angeles, Blitz – an extremely violent illegal sport – makes its appearance. It’s used by gangs to recruit new members.

2218: Prime Network takes up the sport. It sets the rules and creates the BDA: the Blitz Disc Association. Exhibition matches, with big prize money, are held. The show makes it big throughout the solar system.

2219: the 1st official Blitz competition. After a bloody pre-selection process, 14 teams are still in the running. They were picked for their drive in combat and their sheer brutality. The cybernetic, genetic and chemical modifications made to the participants promise levels of violence never before seen on TV. The credo of this new game is simple as pie: “The show must go on!”

A new team : the Sentinels
Sentinels are combat drones. Their designers hope to persuade Congress to replace regular human armies with mechanical combatants. They’re more reliable, more powerful and utterly soulless. Victory in the arena will prove the supremacy of machine over man. Mechanical beings feel no pity for anyone!

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