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Prisoner Of War

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'Prisoner of War' PS2 To Be Released July 12th

by Thomas on June 25, 2002 @ 9:59 a.m. PDT

Developed by Wide Games, Codemasters will launch Prisoner of War for PlayStation 2 on July 12th, Xbox and PC editions will follow.

Says Nicky Veal, Codemasters’ Marketing Manager: “From attracting a cult following to now receiving very widespread and positive attention, Prisoner of War is a remarkable title and one that will be carried on its groundswell of support.

The game is a long-term promotional project for us with press supported by advertising and retail through the summer and autumn.”

Critically, the title has benefited hugely from an ever-increasing level of support from online and print media who recognise its fresh approach. The game has already achieved major features and preview comments are massively positive: XBM called it “One of the deepest and most exciting gaming experiences of the year.”

Official PlayStation 2 Magazine comments that “Prisoner of War is a totally absorbing game. It’s beautifully realised with good attention to detail.” PC Zone can’t wait, saying it’s “One of the most eagerly awaited games in the office.”

The lifestyle press has also taken to Prisoner of War with lads’ mag Front devoting a feature to it. Codemasters will also be highlighting the real history of the game’s subject matter in a series of broadcast and print interviews with real-life Prisoners of War.

The press support will be carried through the summer with an advertising campaign that covers the major console gaming press through July and August. A dramatic creative conveys the game’s major characters in a filmesque fashion.

ISM will be distributing two stylish posters and oversized boxes to promote the game at retail. The title will be promoted again in the autumn to tie in with the launch of the PC edition.

The game’s atmospherically detailed and constantly evolving web site is packed with Prisoner of War materials including movies. Located at, it even has classic WWII alarm sirens going off.

Codemasters launches Prisoner of War for PlayStation 2 (RRP £39.99) on July 12th, Xbox and PC editions will follow.

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