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Operation Flashpoint: Resistance’s Detailed New Visuals

by Thomas on June 25, 2002 @ 2:26 p.m. PDT

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance launches this Friday, June 28, and is the official expansion pack for the multiple Game of the Year award winner and world-wide number one best-selling PC war simulator. In addition to a new campaign, a new island, and improved network code, Resistance delivers its terrain visuals via an enhanced graphics engine with support for higher-resolution textures, more lighting effects and greatly increased draw distances, so now there’s even more scenery to take cover behind when you’re in combat.

Take a look at the two shots below – the one on the left from the original game and the right-hand side image showing off Resistance’s graphics engine.

With Resistance running, mountainous surfaces appear smoother and more organic, and the way trees and foliage are drawn in the game has been completely reworked to give a far more realistic effect. There are also some new special effects included for players to discover as they work through the game.

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, the official expansion pack, launches on June 28, with a RRP of £19.99,

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