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Paradox Invites You To Enter Valhalla Chronicles

by Thomas on June 25, 2002 @ 6:10 p.m. PDT

Paradox Entertainment invites you to enter the stunning new mythological role-playing game, VALHALLA CHRONICLES. Dohh! Whats this about? Find out more below!

An epic struggle between the forces of good and evil, Valhalla Chronicles is set in the mythological/historical world of the Norse Vikings, somewhere around the year's 800-1000AD. For the Vikings of Miklagård, it is a time of discovery, of epic adventures and raging wars. A time where the Gods of Valhalla must enlist the help of man, to stop the forces of evil enveloping the world in a never-ending darkness.

As one of four Viking heroes, you embark on a treacherous quest of epic proportions, interacting with fellow humans and the all-powerful Gods, choosing your allies with caution in order to complete your mission. Valhalla Chronicles will not only take you to Miklagård (Constantinople) and Vinland (North America) but also to Valhalla, Svartalfheim, Hel and Muspelheim. You will meet the powerful and short fused Thor; god of thunder, the wise Odin; god of magic and wisdom and the vile and deceitful Loke, half god / half-giant.

Journey across the realm, expanding your wealth and experience through skilful trading and bloody warfare. Once you have achieved noticeable fortune, your quests as a true Viking Adventurer will begin. Draw the line against the sinister henchmen of Loke, as they try to bring about Rangnarök - the end of the world.

Four heroes, four faiths, four adventures - prepare for a journey deep into the mythical world of Vikings and Gods. Dare they meet the challenges of VALHALLA CHRONICLES?


When man was still young, before the monsters were born and when the Gods flourished, Odin, the God of wisdom, learned of the runes of Futhark. These mystical runes held a great magic power. It was only when Odin had acquired these runes that he learned of their true power. Eight of the runes had a power so heinous it could bring forth Ragnarok, the destruction of all worlds. Fearful that Loke, his treacherous blood brother would try to unleash this power, Odin decides to cast them far away.

He gives the runes to his trusted aid Ratatosk who is given the task of bringing them to Earth to hide them. But Ratatosk is attacked and killed on route loosing the magical runes. Four of the runes are lost around the world of Midgard, the other four fall into the realms of the Gods.

As a dark veil falls over both man and God, Loke discovers the location of the runes and the deadly power that they hold. He collects four fearsome, fallen champions to retrieve them, at any cost.

Odin hearing of his kin's plan chooses four of his own human warriors to stop Loke's dark harbingers and return the runes to him.

HYMER, a young Swedish Viking outcast by his village, GRIM, a ruthless Viking on a mission to save his starving people, TUVA, a beautiful half Valkyria searching for her true past and THORGEIR an honourable Viking trained in the traditional way of the Viking are the ones charged with this most dangerous duty.

Unaware of the future - the four heroes set out on their quest to defeat the evil Loke and halt the coming of Rangnarök - the destruction of all worlds.

Valhalla Chronicles is released on the 5th July 2002, priced at £14.99. It is published by Paradox Entertainment and exclusively distributed by KOCH Media.


Travel to the far edges of the world & beyond. Visit the land of giants & Gods, in the outer realms of reality.

Interact with a multitude of citizens, traders, monsters & gods.

Solve a great number of quests. Explore the many vast & carefully researched environments.

Develop your hero's skills & attributes throughout the game. Solve quests & fight monsters to rise in power.

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Platform: PC CD-ROM
Release Date: 28th June 2002
Publisher/Developer: Paradox Entertainment
System Requirements:
Minimum Specifications:
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000
Pentium 200Mhz, 64MB RAM
DirectX 8 (included), 2MB Video Card (running under DirectX)

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