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Phats & Small are in the House… eJay that is

by Thomas on June 27, 2002 @ 6:37 p.m. PDT

Feel like going clubbing? Why not start off at home, by creating your own tunes whilst getting ready for a big night out? With House eJay, you can create a genuine House music sound from the comfort of your home. Choose from 3,000 royalty-free sounds and loops, including 50 exclusive samples from big-name English DJ's Phats & Small.

The successful drag & drop principle features in House eJay, and leaves you with the easy task: simply drag your favourite sound blocks onto the tracks in the arranger and create your very own house track.

In the FX Studio with built-in Vocoder you can modify your samples and create new ones using the wide range of editing tools. Make your own pumping drum loops in the Groove Generator and then get the overall sound of your track just right by using the booster and audio mixer. And whilst you are at it, you can put visuals to your song with the Music Animator.

"This s/w almost cuts out the need to go to a club!" Phats & Small admit with a twinkle in their eye.

Make sure you have the right track to get in the right clubbing mode. Watch out…some club nights might be at home from now on...

Over 3,000 royalty-free and exclusive house and garage sounds

50 brand new samples from Phats & Small!

24-track sound mixer

Booster and audio mixer to optimise your tracks

FX Studio with integrated Vocoder for editing samples and creating new ones.

Groove Generator - drum computer and drum sequencer including over 500 special drum grooves

Music animator to put visuals to your tunes

Use the web to pick up the latest sounds in the eJay sound archive.

Platform: PC CD-ROM
Release: 28th June 2002
Developer: eJay Entertainment GmbH
Publisher: Empire Interactive Europe Ltd

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