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Timekeepers First Two Worlds Released For PC

by Thomas on June 28, 2002 @ 4:49 p.m. PDT

UK Development Company, Vulcan Software, are proud to announce the release of the first two worlds of their simplistically complex puzzle game, Timekeepers, for the PC platform. The psychotic Emperor Zorg has hidden a multitude of nuclear devices throughout 4 unique time zones of Earth's history. Our only hope lies with an elite military force Known as the Timekeepers. Your mission is to guide a platoon of 14 brave timekeeper soldiers, through the 15 treacherous levels Of each world, all riddled with complex puzzles, obstacles and traps, in order to locate, and disarm, the nuclear devices.

Timekeepers is presented as an 'over-head' scrolling world, where your platoon will wander aimlessly around, getting into all sorts of trouble. Although very well trained in time management, they are completely lacking in initiative, or common sense of any kind. To prevent total chaos you have several command icons available to you, which can be pasted onto the level terrain. Your Platoon will obediently obey the commands as they walk over them, and by careful manipulation you can overcome the many puzzling problems within the worlds.

Timekeepers was originally released for the Amiga in 1995, receiving review scores as high as 96% in the Amiga press. The PC conversion includes enhanced graphics, completely new sound effects and music tracks, and extra character animations.

The game has been adapted for digital distribution within Vulcan's Portal application, which allows it's users to play and download Vulcan games. Each Timekeepers world consists of 15 levels. World one, Hieronymus World is now available for free download via the Vulcan Portal. Medieval World is priced at £2.50 ($3.70). The remaining 6 worlds, including Military and Space Worlds will be released throughout next month.

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