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MX Superfly Trailer

by Thomas on June 3, 2002 @ 6:10 p.m. PDT

MX Superfly features 22 authentic tracks "set in locals such as Loretta Lynn’s, the Outdoor Nationals, the Free Ride Moto-X Championships and the THQ US Open", gameplay modes in 125cc, freestyle and 250cc, 26 professional riders and Create-A-Rider features. The game will also host 11 multiplayer mini-games when it ships this fall for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Today we bring you a 10MB trailer fom the game. Read more below for links!

Grab this new 10MB trailer from our FTP HERE!

Race Fast. Jump High. Hold On.

Show Off Your Skillz - Expanded freestyle mode with more of what’s made the MX franchise dominate -
mini-games, tons of arenas and wide-open worlds with secret areas to explore.

Be The Best - The only game featuring Ricky Carmichael, 8-time National Champion. Play as Ricky Carmichael or one of 26 other pros from the 125cc, 250cc and freestyle ranks.

Build Your Own - The new Stunt Track Editor allows you to build your own ramps, jumps and obstacles
to test the limits of your bike.

Get In The Game - Racing & freestyle career modes! The only motocross game where you can Create-A Rider, and as you play choose from the big name sponsors, five major bike manufacturers and authentic gear. The better you are the more stuff you can buy.

Tricks, Tricks And More Tricks - The pros get crazier with each competition and so does MX. Pull the
new Tsunami, Rock Solid and every signature move in the sport.

Authentic Pro Tracks - 22 motocross, supercross, amateur and freestyle tracks exclusively featuring
Loretta Lynn’s, the Outdoor Nationals, the Free Ride Moto-X Championships and the THQ US Open! No
other game immerses gamers in such authenticity.

Total Control - Tight, responsive controls to pull huge wheelies, stoppies, tail whips and more -
everything but the arm-pump!

Play Your Buds - Various multi-player modes both in racing & freestyle, plus 11 mini-gameshere.

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