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Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Battle Goes Gold!

by Thomas on June 4, 2002 @ 2:26 p.m. PDT

Today Shrapnel Games announced that their latest product, Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Battle, has Gone Gold. The first game of The Greatest Battles Series should begin shipping June 28th.

Richard Arnesen, Director of Covert Operations for Shrapnel Games, said, "We have finished the last few items on this title and have sent it off to the duplicators. We anticipate a strong pre-sale period, so this could very well be our biggest first printing to date. In just a short period of time Napoleonic fans everywhere will be able to again relive Napoleon's greatest victory!"
Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Victory is the latest in the line of computer wargames based on the award winning Sid Meiers' "Gettysburg" engine. We were fortunate to have this great base to work with and we've added significantly to it. Listed below are just some of the improvements that have been added to the newest game in The Greatest Battles Series.

* Three completely new armies - French, Russian, and Austrian
* Exhaustively researched historical data and army Order of Battles
* Over 25 "historical" and "speculative" scenarios
* Design your own "random" battles
* Use the "Randomizer" to generate battles automatically (useful for Multiplay games)
* Historical landmarks featuring the Pratzen Heights, the Pheasantry, and Sokolnitz castle
* Improved solider animation
* Multiplayer allows up to 8 players over LAN or Internet
* Artwork of famed Napoleonic artist Keith Rocco
* New command and control system
* Displaying battlefield conditions (i.e. fog and time of day)

Austerlitz: Napoleon's Greatest Victory is projected to go ship on June 28, 2002. A demo is available for download on Shrapnel Games website. The retail price will be $44.95, but those that pre-order the game before June 15th will save $5.00 off the retail price.

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