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Bomberman Games Ships For GameCube & GBA

by Thomas on June 5, 2002 @ 8:46 a.m. PDT

The beloved Bomberman is back and explodes this month as Majesco, one of the fastest-growing publishers of interactive entertainment software, announced today that it has shipped the highly anticipated Bomberman Generation for Nintendo GameCube, and Bomberman Max 2: Blue Advance and Bomberman Max 2: Red Advance for Game Boy Advance.

"There is no doubt that Bomberman is one of the legacy franchise properties that not only helped establish the video game industry, but grow it as well," said Ken Gold, Vice President of Marketing. "The appeal of Bomberman is timeless and our new offerings are sure to appeal to those fans who grew up playing the game, as well as gamers new to the franchise."

Making its first-ever appearance on Nintendo GameCube, Bomberman Generation takes full advantage of the powerful new console and offers players an all-new, adventure-based Bomberman experience. As Bomberman, players navigate lush, cel-shaded 3D environments across five diverse worlds as they attempt to stop the nefarious Hige Hige bandits.

Players need to move fast and strategically drop bombs to blast open new pathways and battle the level boss. Bombs can be combined with different elements such as water, ice and light to create new powers. Bomberman Generation features a fast-paced, single player mode as well as a four-person multiplayer mode which returns Bomberman to its classic 2D grid-style design.

Adding portable excitement to the Bomberman world are Bomberman Max 2: Blue Advance and Bomberman Max 2: Red Advance for Game Boy Advance, two exciting

sequels to last year's Bomberman Max. Playing as either Bomberman (Blue version) or Max (Red version), players must once again battle the infamous Hige Hige bandits who have shrunk Bomberman and Max to the size of ants using their secret "Mini Mini" device. In order to return to their normal size, Bomberman and Max must drop bombs, complete puzzles, and destroy the devious shrinking device of their adversaries. Throughout the game, players collect, raise, and breed Charabom characters, then battle them against one another by utilizing the Link Cable.

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