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'United Soccer' Announced

by Thomas on June 5, 2002 @ 9:07 a.m. PDT

Staggan are stepping into the world of online gaming, with a massively multiplayer football game called United Soccer. The next generation of online gaming from Staggan. Read more below!

The official web site for United Soccer explains the basics of game-play, provides early ingame screenshots, information on the features in the game, as well as a forum for potential players to chat with the developers.

Developed by Staggan, the game introduces players to a new generation of online gaming. United Soccer is expected to be the first of many United Sport games from the developer.

“We’re creating a game like nothing ever seen before,” said Managing Director Martyn Hughes. "Our vision is to have thousands of players playing all their favourite sports with others across the world in our virtual world.”

United Soccer is radically different from other football games, bringing in online play, as well as single and two player modes. Players can practice in the single and two player modes to hone their skills before they join up online with a team of up to 10 other players in an attempt to win the league, world cup and various sponsored tournaments. Some tournaments will even have cash prizes for the players. There will be thousands of other players to team up with or play against. Players can go to the site now and start finding potential team mates using the forums provided. Registering on the forums will guarantee players the first chance to sign up for the beta test.

While a release date has yet to be decided upon, players can follow the development of United Soccer through regular updates at . The website will evolve together with the game, featuring new content, polls, interviews, even allowing players to put forward their ideas for features in the game. For corporate information about Staggan, please visit

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