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Codemasters Has Revealed Its 'Hard As Nails' Survey

by Thomas on June 7, 2002 @ 11:25 a.m. PDT

On the day Codemasters launch "Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing" for PlayStation 2 and the eve before the Tyson v Lewis fight, Codemasters has revealed its Hard as Nails survey. [and other amusing findings as Codemasters launch "Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing" for PS2]

It's official - Mike Tyson is the hardest boxer ever! Not only did 72% of people surveyed vote him as the hardest boxer currently in the ring, but 50% voted him the hardest boxer of all time, with Muhammad Ali close behind with 44% of the votes.

It appears that Tyson's intense drive to beat Lennox Lewis is the key to his fearsome reputation. Most people think that you would be mad to get in the ring with Tyson, in fact 32% of the nation voted madness as being the top requirement to being hard, closely followed by determination to win at 28%. Other requirements voted for were brawn at 12%, fitness at 8%, brains and size both at 6% and speed and a bad childhood both coming last at 4%.

The general fear of Tyson's power and aggression is clearly demonstrated in that 68% of those surveyed felt that they'd be able to last for one minute in the ring with him, with a foolish 2% actually believing that they would win!

It seems that Tyson's brutality could be put to some good use on certain celebrities! When asked who they would most like to put in the ring with Mike Tyson, Posh Spice received a majority 34% of votes, with Jamie Oliver close behind at 32%.

When it comes to which sport the public perceives as the most dangerous, boxing is considered to be even more hazardous than mountaineering and Formula One racing, receiving 34% of the votes.

Codemasters UK conducted an online survey of 1000 people

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