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The Watchmaker For PC Ships

by Thomas on June 8, 2002 @ 9:39 a.m. PDT

Got Game Entertainment today announced that The Watchmaker, an adventure game for the PC featuring gorgeous graphics and intriguing puzzles, began shipping this week.

Featuring interesting, yet easy to identify with main characters, The Watchmaker combines richly detailed 3D graphics with an intriguing storyline set in a mysterious Austrian castle. Players join American-born London lawyer, Victoria Conroy, and paranormal expert, Darrel Boone, on their mission to foil the potentially catastrophic plans of a fringe group of fanatics. The goal of the game is to recover a mysterious pendulum device that is believed to be hidden in the castle and that could be used to destroy the world.

Developed by Italy's Trecision and already a hit in Europe, The Watchmaker is unlike many traditional adventure games as it frees the player from the sensation of moving along a single given path, allowing the freedom to explore the castle and castle grounds at the player's own pace. Players can control the two main characters independently, with each character exhibiting different personalities, traits, and skills, as well as choose between dynamically moving cameras in a third person point-of-view, or subjective first person to examine objects and environments in detail.

"The Watchmaker is destined to join the ranks of classic adventure games. For adventure game fans, old and new, this is the one you've been waiting for," said Got Game Entertainment President, Howard Horowitz. "Actually, this is a game for anyone who is a fan of mystery, intrigue, and loads of ntertainment."

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