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Neverwinter Nights v1.20 English Patch Now Available

by Thomas on July 10, 2002 @ 8:04 p.m. PDT

Today there is a new patch 'v1.20' available for Neverwinter Nights. Read more below to check out what this patch fixes and where to grab it!

Patch details for v1.20 English

Added code to prevent non-NWN files from corrupting modules in the Toolset

NOTE: As this is only a Toolset update, version 1.20 is multiplayer compatible with version 1.19. This means if you patch to 1.20, and your friend doesn't (and is still using 1.19) you should still be able to play together.

Grab this patch 34MB from official ftp

"Each patch contains all the fixes from the previous patches"

Note: Manually patching should only be done if you have problems with the automatic 'Update' program - the manual patch is a 35 MB download instead of the 3 MB download when you use the automatic Update program, as it includes all critical files, not just ones for the patch in case you are having file system issues.

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