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Sabotain Goes Alpha - Screens and Features

by Thomas on July 12, 2002 @ 1:51 p.m. PDT

Alpha stage has arrived for the first person shooter Sabotain - a 3D Action and role playing game genre mix. The pics below show different locations in the a flashy, futuristic world, where sabotage, espionage and intrigues are part of everyday life.


Modern 3D engine creates fascinating optical effects and breathtaking action

A living, breathing game world where the player can move and act as he/she pleases

Countless intelligent non-player characters populate the city and provide the player with information, missions or entertainment

Non-linear story with a number of different ways to fulfil the missions

Development of different characteristics and skills in a simple but effective role-playing system

Complex 3D models of all characters visually displaying clothing, armour, weaponry and even injuries

18 main missions and countless side quests guarantee at least 40 hours of fun-filled enjoyment

Multiplayer support in various game modes via LAN or the Internet

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