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The Watchmaker - Screens & Story

by Thomas on July 15, 2002 @ 4:38 p.m. PDT

GMX Media has today announced its final game for the year 2002 – The Watchmaker. The Watchmaker is a new adventure title featuring real-time 3D graphics: a compelling story which embodies the true evolution of adventure gaming, introducing brand new situations and techniques. This game is already out in the US, apparently, but euro-adventurers must wait till September.

The Story: A lawyer, Victoria Conroy, and Darrel Boone, an expert in paranormal phenomena, meet for the first time. A few hours later a taxi deposits them at the gates of a mysterious Austrian castle. Their mission is to recover a device resembling a huge pendulum. With its ability to maximize leyline energy coupled with an approaching solar eclipse, the machine now poses a serious threat to human survival. The pendulum has been stolen by a group of religious fanatics and must be located and stopped before midnight to avoid possible global catastrophe -- at least this is what our two "detectives" are lead to believe. Their task, and indeed that of the player, becomes increasingly more dangerous and complex. With less than twenty-four hours to go, the challenge is no longer a game. It's a reality.

“The Watchmaker was released in the US 3 weeks ago and has been very successful,” commented Barry Leonard COO GMX Media, “we will be looking to re-create or better that performance”. The title is planned for release on the 27th of September 2002.

GMX plans to release at least 7 titles in 2003 covering most platforms.

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